Sunday, March 8, 2009

Black Power

The next Cosmic Hearse Zamrock offering, The Peace's one and only album Black Power is the rarest of African psych treasures next to Blackfoot's The Footsteps album. Like all things Zambian I've posted here, the recording is stark, honest, and totally mesmerizing. If anyone out there can satisfy my endless jones for obscure African psych I would greatly appreciate it.


nando said...

Thanks for all posts, your blog is really cool!Greetings from Italy

Anonymous said...

yehaw! more zamrock! you just made my day!

Robert said...

woot! :D

Anonymous said...

Group Inerane: Guitars
From Agadez

great stuff, thanks

Anonymous said...

great stuff once again...if i ever get ahold of a time machine, i am definitely heading to 1970's zambia

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can get behind this. Good vibes and mesmerising hooks = good times for all!

Anonymous said...

The Bricks and Mortar blog posts some Zambian treats from time to time, mr brooks could probably help out in your quest.


nickfilth said...

track listing:

A1 Get On The Way
A2 This Is The Time Now
A3 Ubalwa Ne Chamba
A4 Black Power
B1 I Don´t Know
B2 Peaceful Man
B3 I Need Mercy
B4 I Have Got No Money

axissixa said...

Just found your blog today...thought you might like this African Psych soul comp I put together, some cream from other comps but some rare stuff too like the Funkees version of "Slippin into Darkness."

Greetings (edit) - Joni Haastrup
African Dialects (edit) - Peter King
Disco Africa - Ogyatanaa Show Band
Olufeme - Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band
Funky - C.K. Mann & Carousel
New Bell - Manu Dibango
Allah Wakbarr - Ofo The Black Company
Dye Dye - Segun Bucknoor
Make It Fast, Make It Slow - Rob
Ifa - Tunji Oyelana and the Benders
Love's the Real Thing - The Super Eagles
Petit Sekou - Bembeya Jazz National
Slippin Into Darkness - The Funkees
Ojinga's Own - The Yoruba Singers
Psychedelic Woman - Honny & The Bees
Baki Mutane Nakuka - The Black Souls
Black Poem - Moussa Dumbia

Aesop said...

Wow,Axissixa. This is great stuff. I really appreciate it.

JLH8 said...

you might also check out, he's got heaps of good stuff on there.

Chris said...

damn dude. this album rules so hard. thanks again for loving music.

Nid said...

Black power rules.