Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace were a staple in the South Florida punk scene, opening for every big national touring act that hit The Cameo Theater in Miami Beach in the mid '80s. I used to hate on these guys for being slick, macho and for blow drying their hair to poser perfection before a gig, but this record isn't too bad, really. It ain't terribly original, but it borrows from some cool sources, mainly Motorhead, Killing Joke, and The Cro Mags. I bet these guys pulled their share of punkette poon back in the day. Whatever.


genericblogname said...

Kick ass howd the tour go?

Aesop said...

Tour was amazing. Dornenreich rule. Europe rules. Food, great people, beer...

JJ said...

welcome back.
This is a cool record, if I saw it in a store for under $10 I would buy it, but doubt I will listen to the mp3s ever again.

Milla said...

You are back!
It was great to have you in Europe man, you and Agalloch are so wonderful with your music and the way you are.
Plus, between you and me, now that I've seen you up close while we were talking after the gigs: you are HOT! And very very funny. But then again you all are. Very nice and talented gentlemen you all are.

chrisc said...

welcome back,Aesop!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back :)

Shelby Cobras said...

Nice to have you back in the World, bro.

ApocalypseWestCoast said...

Holy Fuck!!!!

This is great thanks again man.

ola said...

Welcome back, damn shame you never cam to sweden!

Anonymous said...

Just coming on to say thank you and the rest of Ludicra for reaffirming my love for black metal.

Unless you don't call yourselves black metal, then you reaffirm my love for what you guys call it.

Aesop said...

Amazing email from someone:

"hey dude.

i want a copy of MY record. amazing grace entities. you have a server
i can get it from? i couldn't get it from you site, even though
you're giving it away for free to whoever wants it.

amazing grace -- entities. i'm one of those macho guys that used to
blow dry his hair to perfection before a gig, and before fuckkking
nearly every chick in the city of miami behind fire and ice, or the
button south, or the candy store in ft. lauderdale, or flynns, or
hell's kichen, or club nu, or the cameo, or...

gl and i used to have a contest who could fuck and get sucked by the
most gals in a week. we fuckkked 'em all. i remember winning one week
with 28.

probably fucked your chick too!!!

my favorite was when they'd bend over before taking it up the poop
shooter, and saying -- promise you won't tell my boy friend. or, what
about your gf! i would say - what? you want her to fuck you too?

ah geez!"