Monday, October 4, 2010

Haystacks Balboa

Here's some hairy, hophead, hard rock from Haystacks Balboa. With particularly heavy guitars ala Mountain or Grand Funk, wailing Hammond organ, and a hog's head full of swagger and stomp. It's kind of a wonder this album, Haystack's second release, isn't on the wishlist of every sad-eyed, stoner record nerd with a penchant for '70s oddball riffage. Settle into some classic ratweed rocking from 197? with few seeds or stems. You deserve it, brothers and sisters.


EarthreceptoR said...

I fucking love it! I also love that with the ability to connect ourselves with the rest of the world of music, via the interwebs, we can see that the sound and music that makes us truly pay attention has been around a SHIT TON longer than the folks inside of their giant glass towers and fancy record companies would have had us believe. Thanks a great deal for your continued effort and offerings.

Anonymous said...

thanks,brother,you must be a pisces

G O D said...

hey Aesop,
I recently posted something that may be of interest to you and your followers,"This Ain't No Fucking Melodic Punk 7"",which has you on drums with Hickey,on a track ,unavailable elsewhere.Also check out Rammpage(80's biker bar band)Food Fight,by Village People(their finest moment)new ZATH is up and it's a Zamboni Adventure Through Hell,and the best audio book you shall ever hear from Food Fortunata,"encyclopedia of the humans(least interesting beings in the universe)for the years 2036 to 317842143632841 A.D" funnier than a kick in the cubes!Hickey rules,Aesop is King!

Anonymous said...

great fun listening to this. Thanks!