Thursday, November 29, 2007

Black Sabbath Riot

The story: Some Wisconsin hop-head smuggled in his state-of-the-art mini tape recorder in hopes of getting himself a bitchin' Sabbath bootleg, turns out he got something a whole lot more interesting.
From the creator: "Geezer Butler gets hit with something that cuts hit eye and the band walks off after two songs and the crowd is told to go home. Then 10,000 people groan...hiss...and boooooooo! Part of the problem was nobody really new what had happened. One chair was knocked over in discuss. Then two chairs was knocked over. Then four, sixteen, what is sixteen to the second power? Hand rails were ripped out from the balcony. The back support for the fixed chairs in the balcony were busted in half. All the while I am recording all this mayhem. I even interviewed the nuts while they were braking stuff. The security team all surrounded the mixing consule while this was taking place. I am now in the balcony watching and recording. All the fold up chairs on the main floor was made of wood. By now, there was at least 100 of these chairs all in a HUGE pile in the middle of the main floor. I then see one guy with a BIC lighter trying to light this huge wooden chair pile. Classic. He never could get it going. He needed lighter fluid. Police sirens and all the sounds of a riot right here. Every piece of window and door glass was broken. Over $10,000.00 in damage. My buddy was told to leave by police but then went back in and promptly was arrested. He said that police station was over flowing with arrestees and reporters. Black Sabbath has not played in Milwaukee since."

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That's fantastic, thanks. What an atmosphere.

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Hey Aesop, could you PLEASE reupload the file elsewhere? I'd love to have a copy of history. :)