Friday, November 30, 2007

The Pope is Wrong

Paternoster were one of a handful of Austrian bands doing the whole "Kraut Rock" thing. Why, given the thousands of over-looked Kraut bands, is Paternoster worth a second look? Well, quite simply because this very may well be one of the starkest, most depressing albums ever constructed. It would be impossible to write about Paternoster and not mention the gloom-laden vocals of Franz Wippel. The guy is clearly drunk and on the verge of breakdown. The music is spirited, but at times clumsy Hammond-driven psych. Imagine if Procol Harum or early Genesis were drunk satanists. Lyrically, Paternoster delves into such uplifting topics as suicide and religion and Franz sounds as if he is struggling to come to terms with a world that no longer interests him. Heavy fucking trips. Sounding nothing like, but sort of occupying the same spiritual space as German black metal band Bethlehem. I think this album will appeal to anyone interested in dark emotive music regardless of what genre you call home.

Get the entire album here:


jb said...

Thanks for putting this one up, that's some goot chit. This is my new favorite place to go.

ola said...

Yes! Just listened, the vocals just slays.

Nate said...

Best post in this blog.

jAy @ jApAn said...

I have been combing through your blog for about a month or so and it has become a daily "must check." I already have this Paternoster but I wanted to thank you for posting it. Such a strange sound...doomy and kinda ..well, i think your Procol Harem/drunk Genesis thing sums it up nicely. Cheers.
By the way, after a long hiatus, i decided to charge up my own music blog again as well: