Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Freedom "Last Revolution"

Freedom - Last Revolution

Like most great Japanese hardcore bands of the 80's not much is known about Freedom. I believe this is the only release by the band. Not as noisy as Confuse or Gai, not as brilliant as G.I.S.M. but still possessing all the elements that we've come to love from the Japanese bands, gruff vocals, catchy choruses, and metallic guitar tones.

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yellow.eyes said...

"Like most great Japanese hardcore bands of the 80's not much is known about..."

Insert any Japanese band at the end of that sentence. Japanese HC was so mystical when I was a kid. The songs were incredible, they were fast and crazy and chaotic, and the members always dressed so outrageously punk and wild they looked plain insane. Take Death Side...all I knew of them was the music--other worldly--and from their pictures on the records: okay...four foot high mohawk on the singer, guitarist looks like someone in POISON (the American POISON, not the Japanese POISON, though said guitarist, Chelsea, was in the Japanese POISON!), and the bassist slightly resembles Pat Benatar. Slightly. Now, with the internet, message boards, the mystique is not as rampant. It's all more accessible and less mysterious but it's still fucking awesome as hell and some of my favorite music.