Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism

"Hey, Demonaz, what are you up to tonight?"
"Nothing really, Abbath, gonna maybe watch Seinfeld and dick around on this new thing called the internet."
"Oh fuck that. Me and Armagedda were thinking about going down to the old ruined cottage in the woods, drink some beers, blow some fire and shit, wanna come along?"
"Sure, why not."
"Cool. We'll pick you at 10ish"
"Later, bro"


MSOTBG said...


Patrick said...

would download it, but I've already got it. Total fucking underrated masterpiece. Always seemed more connected to 80s black metal in terms of sound and riffing than the 90s norwegian scene.

Roger Camden said...

always a decent alternative to spending the evening on the internet

Nate said...

Killer, it's good to see the Hearse rolling again! Hope the tour was good.

Burek said...

Ah I love this record so much! Timeless classic!

Call of the wintermooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn

Anonymous said...

Welcome back

Dag said...

Welcome back sir!
And thanks for having such an ace blog.

I want to tell you about a finnish one-man band that is true monster: GOATMOON

The latest release is a split with Ride for Revenge and as such would fit perfectly for the Hearse.
It also contains a photograph of Blackgoat Gravedesecrator himself, pale an slim like a worm that dwells in ash. He has a long red beard and a charcoal-smeared face on his tilted head.
He's sitting in a wheelchair flanked by session musicians Harald Mentor and Sprit Krusher.
It is melodic, punky and brutal and the man delivers fantastic riffs.

If you haven't heard this (or the first two, Death Before dishonour and Finnish Steel Storm) pick it up!!!!!


ido said...

Pure genius on your write up for this one. I've really enjoyed the songs I've heard off this album. Am looking forward to hearing the whole thing through.

RyGar said...

Holy crap, I thought the other Immortal album was awesome, but this is god-damned tits. Where "Pure Holocaust" satisfies my need for constant blastbeats and speedy riffs, "D.F.M." has got the nails to scratch the itch I feel for melody and dynamic songwriting. Thanks so much for introducing me to these records.

mulch said...

Good thing Demonaz decided against Seinfeld... that cover may have been weak otherwise. Thanks.

wanwarlock said...

man, a true bm classic. funny commentary... why 10pm? shouldn't it be midnight?? hehe

thanks for the up.

Anonymous said...

"guys,the picture for the back cover is not looking evil enough. armagedda- why have you chosen this fringing bon jovis jacket and hair like member of toto?!

hold this bone..problem is fixed."

Daniel said...

Went to see "Until the Light Takes Us",my opinion... it was pretty boring. They could have thrown in a lot more live footage of the bands. Anyways Immortal was interviewed and they came off as a bunch of greasy,douche bags. However this record is a killer even if they are not...and I say hahahahahahahah,hohohohohohohohoh,heheheheheheheheheh!!!!