Friday, September 14, 2012


Yonkers, New York, a bullshit town known mostly for giving the world Anthrax (the band, not the disease,) Gene Krupa, and the morbid florist himself, Will Rahmer. Not really surprising that such a place would churn out some pretty sick metal in the early '90s. Deathrune spent this fertile time cranking out decent enough demos but never managed to get anything widely released before their demise in 1995. Guitarist Mike Saez would go on to play with Incantation, just like anyone else into Death Metal in the area. Beneath the Cypress Groves is the band's second demo, and it offers up a solid half hour of solid American Death Metal. Not as crushing as the Swedes, not as adept as those rednecks down in Florida, but still packing enough putrid riffage and atmosphere to be a keeper.


lkajfdslkjdfo said...

always thought Deathrune was a cool name.

good you're back.

BXXXXZT! said...

that graphic is lifted from an 80s games workshop illustration for realms of chaos- these guys are totally gamers.,%20Chaos,%20Copyright%20Games%20Workshop,%20Slaves%20To%20Darkness.JPG

Velkaarn said...

I knew them by name but never heard the music. About time I correct that. Thanks!