Saturday, March 10, 2012


Rock Clef were a hopeful young band of Southern California suburban stoners who chipped in and pressed their own little scorcher of a single in 1983. The A-side is a somewhat generic AOR rocker, but the payoff is the B-side "Trippin'" a somewhat NWOBHM slunkster about getting fucked up. Strange thing about this one is that both songs seem to fade out at awkward places, giving the impression that Rock Clef only wanted to give you a sampling of their rocking prowess. Maybe the only reason to make this was to catch the attention of some shrewd record industry assholes, but needless to say, that didn't pan out.


Darryl Whalen said...

Ah, the famous Rock Clef sampler single!
The one that all the industry bigwigs fought over so long and hard that it eventually was just dropped to fade into oblivion.
Just kidding, never heard of it (and with such a powerful and memorable band name, how is that possible).
An old school DIY masterpiece of mediocrity!
It is strange that it fades out after a few minutes. Trippin fades out right before the guitar solo.
I love and thank you.

theallnightrocker said...

the hell kind of name is Rock Clef and how come five dudes got stoked on it? gonna check it out

GRK. said...


kevinesse said...

i like both songs lots. what year was this bitch?