Saturday, January 5, 2008


Crucifix were from San Francisco, but if one didn't know better they might think that they hailed from the same grey English settings as Discharge or GBH. Though their albums were great, it's this ep from 1982 that holds the most interest for me. I was made aware of Crucifix from the live version of "Steel Glass Enclosure" featured on the "Rat Music For Rat People" compilation. "Nineteen Eighty Four" has the studio version of this song as well as two others, "Rise And Fall" and "Prejudice." When most San Francisco punks were concerned with being arty and weird, Crucifix focused on sheer political angst and agressive music. 25 years later, this ep still kicks ass, and that's pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the Rattus upload!!! Downloading now...

Anonymous said...

GREAT band!! Thanks!
Anyone have some live stuff by them?? Had a cassette (Long time a go...)with a whole gig, but sadly it´s gone now... Help!?

Paul said...

This EP as well as their first EP, that Rat Music track and some other odds and ends are available on "Exhibit A"