Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Since Necropolis records is no more I guess this weird piece of black metal miscellenia is out of print and even sought after. Vondur's "Stridsyfllysing" came out in 1996 to derision and scorn, but fuck that, I love this album. From it's Star Wars art to it's moronic riffs to it's utterly lame drum machine, pure retard art from Sweden. Kind of strange that this sells on eBay for up to $75, but then again, people are fucking stupid. Just download it here, and use it to end the party when you've had enough of your douchebag friends.


kktz said...

a bit off topic, but thanx man, your blog is full of some very interesting stuff as well.

kktz said...

sorry for me being a bit off topic now, but thanx man, your blog is full of very interesting stuff as well.

Matt said...

awesome... i remember seeing this back in the day but never picked it up. another great forgotten album from this time period is Ophthalamia's "A Journey in Darkness". Anyway, thanks!

colin said...

i remember finding this used at a cd store and buying it. the star wars art won me over. the music didn't. completely worth it though.

PCM2 said...

I always thought these guys "got it," in a weird way, before anybody else. I remember reading an interview with It and his answers were pure gold. Making it up here, but this is the gist:

Q: Why did you put Darth Vader on the cover of your album?
A: Because Darth Vader is fucking evil!

Q: You are from Sweden. Why did you choose to write all your lyrics in Icelandic?
A: Because it's fucking kvlt!

Q: Why does your music sound so terrible?
A: All music should be destroyed.

Pure Black Metal.