Friday, January 4, 2008

Hurdy Gurdy

Here's another fantastic band from the early '70s that released one phenomenal album and then just disappeared into obscurity. Hurdy Gurdys were from Denmark and had a ringer in guitarist/vocalist Claus Bøhling, whose fluid, stylish playing was integral to the band's heavy trips, he also painted that far out kelp-haired sea creature on their 1971 album's cover. The album has some mild filler, mainly the obligatory sitar song and some bluesy noodling, but the incredible "Spaceman", and "The Giant" more than make up for any hemp-addled transgressions made by Hurdy Gurdy. This has been reissued twice on cd once by Walhalla records in 1996 and more recently by Akarma with extra songs, I have included those here because, unlike alot of "bonus tracks" they are really great songs that should have made the final cut, and not just some tacked on, poorly-recorded live bullshit used to accomidate the longer playing time of a cd. Check it out, stoner.


cuzzin eli said...

aesop, hurdy gurdy fucking kills. i've been looking for this album FOREVER. thanks for posting it. yoiur blog rules. keep up the good words.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!! this is a really gem.
cheers Andy