Friday, January 25, 2008

Alrune Rod

Alrune Rod hailed from Denmark. This is their first album, it was released in 1969, and it is an epic piece of psyche/prog greatness. Alrune Rod was fond of long, expansive arrangements and slow, doomy scapes of sound. Moments of hippy folk strangeness lead into dark ominous guitar-driven passages making for an engaging, dynamic listen. Another lost treasure of pure Scandinavian acid eccentricity.


Punk Rock Daddy said...

great site, great posts, pretty diverse - love it. keep it up and more power!

I just added you to my links as well

Anonymous said...

This is fast becoming my favorite new old record. Huzzah!

Anonymous said... is down

Anonymous said...

Link still dead. I had to rebuild my computer and lost the album. Can't find this one anywhere.