Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Want You To Piss Your Pants

This was originally ripped and posted by my friend Mike Desert over at his great Blog The Jerk spot, but it was too good to resist. "Last House On The Left" was 1972's most brutally ugly movie, it inspired a score of copycats (Last House At The End of The Street, The Night Train Murders, and even a douchey remake earlier this year.) Nothing can top the sheer grit and sleaziness of the original, certainly not some CGI and a new song by Mudvayne, but Hollywood can't leave well enough alone. In the legitimate LHOTL, actor David Hess is in his creepy, rapey best as Krug Stillo, a ruthless asshat hell bent on fucking up the rich people's party. On top of being the very essence of unchecked, oily sadism, David Hess also composed and sang many of the songs on the film's delicious score, even creepier. Thanks again, Mike.


Anonymous said...

part one, on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Thanks William, I become a deseperate Dracula when I see all these small references like sadism, tv rap, brutal rock, fat people that develop the public of the scools of the suburbs, more enjoyable to destruct what they don't understand than to learn something outside the suicidal schema that their parents, their media and their scool show in their fucked up everyday life
You're great

Doug said...

this soundtrack is so good. haven't seen the remake but i have no desire to either. still have an old vhs copy of this.

it's only a movie!!

Anonymous said...

Jean Baudrillard
Paul Virilio
Mac Luhan

Benny's Video
Funny Games european version
Clockwork Orange

are not "only" a movie

Anonymous said...

what is right in the case of "it's only a movie" is that the girl is not gone like his father, or we are multicolored martians (i like)

Oliver said...

On the DVD extras he talks about doing the rape scene and getting so into it that he "could have fucked her". What an overwhelmingly unpleasant man!

Anonymous said...

LHotL fans should definitely check out fellow video nasty House on the Edge of the Park (1980).

It's basically an exploitation all-star movie. It stars David Hess (basically reprising his LHotL role) and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (famous for his scumminess in Cannibal Ferox). It's also directed by the man behind Cannibal Holocaust, Ruggero Deodato.

This does a much better job at evoking the LHotL feel than any Hollywood cash-in.

Crankenstien said...

he's like the raping serial killer version of 60's folk ballads

Aesop said...

Yes, House on the Edge of the Park is a creepy fucking movie, and yes, David Hess is a notoriously disgusting asshole.

socialism and/or barbarism said...

Listening to this is reminding me again that what's so creepy brilliant and sadistic in the film is not so much the kind or explicitness of the violence but the bat-shit insane goofiness that permeates the whole thing: the redneck Keystone Cops, the Richard Lester-esque speed up kidnapping sequence, and above all, this soundtrack, from mediocre psychedelia and banjo twang to Fabio Frizzi sounding shifts between ambient spook and full-blown jazzy bar piano.

Anonymous said...

That guy kinda looks like you.

skullgrid said...

hate to say it, but, tracks 1, 6, 16 and 17 seem to be corrupt. i tried it twice, same result both times. just a heads up.

Mike Desert said...

Check out "Night Train Murders". I didn't like it as much as Aesop said he liked it, but it's still a pretty good LHOTL rip off.
(It's no "Hitch Hike" though!)

Mike Desert said...

p.s. Thanks for the plug- got 163 first time visitors Saturday!

tanakabaka said...

I can't wait to listen to this!!! I love this movie; it's so hideous and the juxtaposition of the music is hilarious. That terrible rape scene and the music lyrics are, "...sometimes you feel so alooooone..." or something like that - crazy funny. No way a remake is going to capture this goofy 70's combinations without seeming trite or seeming to try to hard to be stupid: silly songs/horrifying rape, blow job/horrid murder, suburban dad/chainsaw murderer. Thanks!

RagnarR said...

"Creepy Rapey Best"
"Ruthless Asshat"
"Oily Sadism"

Somebody's gonna have a new band name. (Not me tho'). Despite the nastiness of the subject matter, my captcha is: "holyee"

meltedrubbersoul said...

70s horror had a sadism to it that even a lot of the modern shocker stuff like Hostel doesn't quite match. Maybe its because its so amateurishly staged sometimes--like you're watching a grainy home movie where something's suddenly gone terribly wrong. Death is so stylistically presented in a lot of films, that people sometimes say when they see a real death, it looks "fake" to them. I dunno, i'm rambling and trying to be philosophical when i should be asleep.

Another totally cool flick (not at all like LHOTL, maybe more like Invasion of the Body Snatchers) called Messiah of Evil.

This is part 1, take it from there if you wanna see more.

Also, this one called Shockwaves, had some pretty creepy synth work too, which is pretty appropriate since the monsters are these creepy-looking Gary Numan clones.

Finally: Hausu. It used to be available on Youtube with subtitles and everything, but sadly can't find it anymore. It's indescribably amazing, a total acid trip of a horror flick. Still, here's a little taste:

And the jaunty 70s-riffic theme song:

Thanks for everything on this blog; hope maybe this can introduce y'all to something new that you might like.

Slaytoven said...

This is some crazy, great shit!! Great blog!!