Monday, October 19, 2009

Fuck Lukaschenko

You know who's been riding my sack lately? That fucker Lukaschenko. I wish a whole bunch of really kick ass Belarusian punk bands would get together and make a compilation and give that dicklicker the what for. Oh they did? Cool.


Petya V said...

You have officially surpassed awesomeness. No other eloquent way of putting it.

schultzzz said...

Riding your sack? That means 'imitating my style' or 'brown-nosing me in hopes of un-earned rewards.' So unless Lukaschenko has been performing LUDICRA-ish songs in bars accross the former Soviet Socialist Republics. . . . maybe you could say, "Lukaschenko has been getting ON MY TITS."
Anyway, thanks for posting the SACRAMENTUM. Not only is it the best thing I've heard recently, but the totally sweet castle drawing is now my new desktop. Many thanks!

chris said...

track 38 corrupt? regardless, thanks

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I thought of the "Kramer Risk" episode... "Ukraine is weak" comment? too much Jerry?

Roger Camden said...

Most thoughtful cover art, ever

"Belarus? Where the fuck is-"


[captcha: ladwars]

icoulddietomorrow said...

my Belarusian roommate will love this. i mean, she's probably already heard it, but still, thanks!


Anonymous said...

You're all excellent.

Anonymous said...

Something like this is better for a download. You can pick through this for the tracks you like.

Other than that, I've had no interest in hearing bands from that area.

7inchcrust said...

i knew nothing about Belarusian scene and back in 2004 i discovered 375crew site, there was and still is a mp3 data base with most of the bands included in this compilation,some of them are good enough:Devation, Dissent etc. unfortunately So Mai Cares and their song Fuck Lukashenko is not included,its would be a great opening track (i hope these guys are ok and are not being busted or whatever)
here is the site
in their native language, and here is So Mai Cares track: