Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Measureless weren't the best (or best known) band to emerge from the extremely fertile Swedish death metal scene, but this demo, Abandoned to Die is still a great listen. If you have been riding the hearse for sometime you know roughly what to expect from these bored Scandinavian teenagers, however, Measureless wandered into some of the melodic territory of black metal (check out the track "Gory Incest.") Despite some obvious flaws in production and performance, this is one of the better unknown artifacts from the scene.


GRK. said...

Another new name on me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

swedish death metal,hell yeah

weird name though,Measureless

T. said...

Never heard of 'em, downloaded it and there are some good songs, indeed.

Still speaking of short-lived and underrated bands, anyone heard Death Courier from Greece?

They've released a couple of demos and eps and that was it.

The most awesome thing about the band is that you can listen to their Necrorgasm EP in three different speeds and it sounds awesome in all of them.

In 33 RPM it's weird death/doom, in 45 RPM, the correct rotation, great death/thrash and when you push it all the way to 78 RPM, it becomes this really BIZARRE Black Metal. Gotta respect that.

GRK. said...

Death Courier get my "aye" vote. Good Sodomitic stuff.

Venator said...

I remember this band from the good old days... it would be great fun if I could locate the issues of Expository mag, one which features an interview with these guys.... keep it coming!!