Friday, March 7, 2008

Biessmjarotny Czorny Mietal

The title of this demo translates from Russian to mean "Immortal Black Metal." Cool as that is, it is not entirely accurate. The band, Šmiercieslaŭ, are a bit more thrash than black metal, but nonetheless this is a great tape that was released in a limited run of 500. Šmiercieslaŭ hail from Belarus. Here


Slobodan Burgher said...

And I read that to mean Blamsperously Corny Metal!

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Blastepharious Corn-Mealucifer Worshipping Motherfuckers!!!

This week is the best ever aboard the Cosmic Hearse!

Funeralmoth said...

This was released along with Aphoom Zhah as a split-cd and I prefer the Aphoom Zhah-side (their album is not as good). Mysterious, bleak and murky BM from Belarus, too.