Monday, November 30, 2009


Mordor was an obscure Swiss doom band that obviously liked drugs. Odes was the band's only release and it is an elusive bit of collector nerd gold. Mordor offer up vague and spacious doom with smatterings of industrial ambience. Colossal and cavernous, and a song called "The Great Kat Is God." Did I mention they liked drugs?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pure Hate

Okay so that cover doesn't exactly scream hatred or even remotely look like anything appealing, but don't let that stop you from having this little yellow record from 1985 kick your dick into the dirt. Pure Hate were from Holland and released only this one EP, titled We've Got The Right To Remain Silent, But..., during their brief run. Just hardcore from back when that meant something other than roided-out suburban sweatshirt jocks playing tough guy urban gangstas for Victory Records. When did it get away from us?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hail Satan! Cosmic Hearse Turns Two!

That's right, Cosmic Hearse is celebrating its two year anniversary. Big thanks to all the readers. What I'd like you all to do today is leave a comment telling me of your absolute favorite discovery from the Hearse, that record you had previously never heard before but blew your mind. That would be a nice way of showing your appreciation, should you be so inclined. Anyhoo, here's to another year of hearing and discussing special albums. I love you all.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I had the pleasure of running into C.M. the other day. He had informed me that his amazingly fucked up one-man Black Metal project Llyr was on hiatus due to a series of misfortunes. Much of Llyr's recordings were lost forever. I hurried home and after searching through a huge stack of CDR's I was able to dig up Llyr's first demo Unil Glew Ysgnd. My copy didn't have a cover so I arbitrarily used this graphic. It seems fitting. Hopefully C.M. will be able to recover past efforts, and endeavor towards new ones in the near future, and hopefully he will share those with us. This demo is a magnificent piece of bizarre, raw Black Metal.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beautiful Losers: Bomb Live

In a very early Cosmic Hearse post, I was doting on Bomb and said that they may have been the greatest band to ever come out of San Francisco. I maintain that statement and offer this brief live set from roughly 1991 to further my case. This was recorded at the Kennel Club which is now The Independent, it's right up the street from my place. The set opens with Bomb's most gorgeous, yet unsettling, song "Gigi." A smattering of songs from the essential Hits of Acid and their 1992 major label failure Hate Fed Love (still a great album) follow. Bomb epitomized all that was excessive, unsavory, and venereal about San Francisco in the late '80s/early '90s. They were real, they were great, they were real great. They were the best and the worst in men. Their stark honesty and unique sonic approach are a thing of the past, and I miss them. Thanks, Michael, Jay, Doug and Tony for the genuine and beautiful art.

Also check out bassist/singer/lyricist Michael Dean's Bomb website with more info.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In The Arms Of...

Today I give you this rare bit of old school Swedish Death Metal from Morpheus. This debut EP, In The Arms Of... was recorded at Sunlight studio and released in 1991 by the great Opionate label. Some of these dudes went on to form Necrophobic. Swedish, Death Metal, Sunlight can probably guess what this sounds like and you probably should get it now.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Get Well Dio!

Is there any cooler venerable rock wizard than Ronnie James Dio? He's like a weird uncle that breezes into town, hands you some arcane trinket, and imparts upon you some classic pearl of wisdom ("Don't talk to strangers.") And while Ozzy dodders and slurs himself into a charicature of rock excess, Dio ages with the dignity and refinement befitting a true monarch of rock. Dio visits me in my dreams and guides me through barren landscapes rife with metaphor and subconscious meaning, he is the Virgil to my nocturnal Dante, and often I awake with some song from the rich tapestry of his work in my head, and I am ready to take on any dragon, malevolent tyrant, or comely gypsy woman that seeks to impede my path. Most often it is a song from this album, Rainbow's 1975 debut, when the band still had to use Ritchie Blackmore's name on the cover to generate interest. Now I understand that this isn't some rare limited edition cassette, and you probably already have this classic in your collection, but this isn't about bulking up your hard drive with more files, this isn't about you one upping the dudes down at your local record store with a superior knowledge of obscure shit, this is about paying respects to one of rock's most loyal and long standing enigmas, motherfucking Dio. Sometime around 2003 I had the supreme pleasure of meeting the man himself backstage at The Regency in San Francisco, he was every bit as kind and attentive as I imagined and then some. He was class and poise personified. This is precisely why I love Dio, and just about every album he lent his powerful voice to. I guess it doesn't hurt to have Ritchie Blackmore on your side. This album, and the song "Temple of the King" without any doubt inspired the career of Tenacious D, the difference being Dio and Blackmore did this fantasy wizard rock before there was an ironic value, they did it with a steely seriousness and the chops to back it up. And Dio has almost four decades of staring down wyverns and dark knights under his belt. Word has it that Ronnie has recently been hospitalized (rumors are he suffered a stroke) and a tour has been cancelled. I am worried. So here I would like to wish Dio a speedy recovery. Long live Dio, Long Live Rock n Roll.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


On April 2nd 2005 something extraordinary happened. The members of Polish Black Metal band, Necator, assembled for evil and practice. The result was this fantastically fucked up tape that was released in a scant edition of 100 by Terror Propaganda. Later on this material appeared on a split with fellow Poles, Kataxu. Is it just me, or does Poland just kick ass at Black Metal?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cuts of Love

Here's a rare single from UK Gothic Death Rock band, 13th Chime. Released in 1981, this record has two songs, the A side "Cuts of Love" and the B side "Coffin Maker." Pretty much what you'd expect from the time, place, and genre, 13th Chime is almost like a Goth band you'd see incidentally in an '80s teen movie. Nothing that will make you run out to Camden to pick up a mesh shirt or anything, but still worth a listen, and about a thousand times cooler than those douchey Twilight books.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Jalpor

This 1993 demo from ancient Canadian death cult, Cremation, is fucking off the charts evil and bizarre. Cremation was formed in Edmonton, Alberta by J. Read (who went on to Conqueror and Revenge,) Rob Conway, and Owen Williamson with the sole intent of creating the most vile occult Death Metal ever. Lo-fi, archaic and absolutely mesmerizing, Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Jalpor is a brief but caustic stew of otherworldly demonic voices and a swirling vortex of pestilential riffing. The good folks at  Nuclear War Now have just released a brilliant near complete discography of Cremation demos. You would do wise to get one of those immediately, as NWN stuff is limited, goes fast, and seldom returns.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vicious Circle vs. Perdition

In 1985 Flipside Records released this 12" vinyl pitting two Aussie hardcore heavyweights against one another. For many of us American punker types this was our first taste of punk from down under, and we liked it. Vicious Circle come out swinging with some mid-tempo hardcore, great guitar tones and political lyrics. Occasionally VC pushes the tempos a bit but there is something a bit subdued about their side. Perdition don't have the skills or the tones that benefit VC in this bout, but they are a bit more plucky and have a singer that sounds a lot like Dick from the Subhumans. Overall a very cool snapshot of isolationist punk rock from Australia,  but tough to call a winner. Hmmmmmmm. Perdition by a hair.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ram Jam

You children of the '70s will remember Ram Jam for their repetitive adaptation of Leadbelly's "Black Betty" that monopolized much of FM Radio's airtime in the latter half of the decade. It may have prevented you form grabbing their second album, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram when you saw it at Goodwill that time your girlfriend dragged you there to get a new dresser. Shame really, because Portrait... is an enjoyable feathered hair, muscle car, quaalude-by-the-lake, summertime Southern Rock boogie party that may be just what the doctor ordered when you start taking shit too serious and holding your ass all tight.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here's a rare demo called Queen Alexandres from former Master's Hammer drummer, Valenta. Every bit as eccentric and magikal as Master's Hammer. Czech high occult weirdness for your weary earholes. Best listened to while drunk or after ingesting PCP from a wizard's challice. Sorry for the tiny jpeg, like I said, this is rare. Released in a limited run of cassettes in 1991. Recommended!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Noise Ramones

More noise than Ramones. Here's another fucked up side side side project of Yamatsuke Eye, Noise Ramones and their 2000 release, Rocket To D.N.A. This one is a tough listen, see if you can get through it. I guess it is high time for an "Eye" label for the blog.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


A thrash metal band called Skull from Colombia with an out of focus skull and a pointy fucking logo on a tape titled Beer, Metal, Spikes? You going to turn your nose up at that? Come on!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay, this was a bit hard to take when it came out. I was all of fifteen and it seemed my favorite punk band had discovered free-jazz, the Mahavishnu Orchestra and pot smoking. Actually I suspected they were already well versed in all these transgressions to punkdom, but now it was real and it was being reflected in their recorded output and live show. But you get older and your rigid teenage rules of what is acceptable when it comes to art weaken, they have to, or else a corrosive jadedness creeps in. Now The Process of Weeding Out holds much merit as I just let go and appreciate the sheer beauty of Ginn wrestling squonks and squeals from his Mosrite over the Roessler/Stevenson angular THC robot. Black Flag, at this point, was so honed and so prolific that they had license to do whatever they wanted. For that reason alone, Process (along with Family Man) may be Black Flag's punkest album, a buzzing sonic "Fuck You" to the rigor mortis that was setting in the scene in 1985.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Not a whole lot of info on this weird tape of lo-fi archaic Black Metal. What I do know is the band is called Memoria Machinari, they are American, they clearly love Von, and the release is called Pontifex. The usual drill here, if you have been titillated by the weirder end of the Black Metal spectrum showcased here on Cosmic Hearse then you simply must add this to your collection.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The axe-toting wizard on the cover is an instant win, but what of the music within? Well, if you were one of the few Hearse riders that copped a decent buzz from the custom van rock of Ashbury back when I posted their stony Endless Skies album, you will probably really dig Crowhaven's one and only album, Emotional Adjustment. This obscure gem of dude-bro jams was released in 1986, which seems a bit late for this type of badassery, but Crowhaven were from Kentucky after all. What I find as ironic as the slogan on a hipster's trucker cap is if this was made today by dicks in tight jeans and bandanas, chickenshit assholes would be singing it's highest praises between sips on a PBR at Pop's. "Pffft, youhaven't heard Crowhaven? it's so much better than the last Witchcraft album, dude. Got any blow?"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

R.I.P. Kevin

Some sad news crackling all over the interwebs today. It would seem that Kevin Hannigan, the drummer of legendary Baltimore sludge band Wake Up On Fire has passed away at the age of 25. Last time I saw Kevin was in August during the Ludicra/Hammers of Misfortune tour. Kevin was one of a few people that stuck around all day long in order to see us play. He seemed a bit out of sorts, but was all smiles and very excited to talk metal. On top of being a stand up kid and avid supporter of this site, Kevin was also a great drummer as evidenced by Wake Up On Fire's self titled debut. I had been meaning to post this eventually, but it would seem that unfotunate circumstance has once again forced my hand. Admittedly, we weren't super tight bros or anything, but I liked Kevin, and I know a lot of his friends are hurting real bad right now, and my thoughts are with them. Peace, Kevin.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The novelty of a Russian teenage all-girl Death Metal band is too fucking hard to resist, so I won't. Sargatanas are like The Donnas if The Donnas didn't suck so bad, were from a former crumbling Soviet Republic, had to play through amps made out of dismantled tanks and recycled land mines, and grew up on a steady diet of beet soup and Chuck Schuldiner. Sure it's poorly recorded, sluggishly performed, and the vocals can get a bit cringe-worthy at times, but look how fucking adorable they are. I mean, how good was your band when you were a teenage girl? I love this.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Kaaos were one of the better known Finnish punk bands. This 12" EP, titled Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos (Crucified Chaos) is among their best work. Dark and furious Finnish hardcore.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Total War

Another classick released by the now defunct Necropolis Records, the label that at one time was rose to the top of elite metal supremacy, then flooded the market with useless records, ripped off bands, and faded into memory. War was a sort of supergroup with members of Hypocrisy, Vondur, Abruptum, and Dark Funeral. The intent was crank out a nasty EP of pure driving hate metal. Mission accomplished. Total War is perfect, just a quick blitzkrieg of vehement riffing coupled with questionable lyrics about war, elitism and, of course, Satan. An anxiously awaited follow up to Total War was thwarted due to lawsuits and in fighting, and the result was the unauthorized release of a lackluster LP titled We Are War. I remember reading an old Trouser Press, in which the verbose and elegant Tesco Vee had said that Celtic Frost's Emperor's Return EP on his walkman made him want to punch old people in the supermarket, well Total War works much in the same way for me twenty some odd years later. SATAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Man of Your Dreams

File Under "The worst movie-related novelty cash-in records of all time." If you can get through this and not fall asleep, you win. I think I'd rather listen to that Dokken song "Dream Warriors" 100 times than sit through this again. Enjoy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

220 Volt

220 Volt were a young Heavy Metal band from Ostersund Sweden. The Prisoner of War ep was the first release and was recorded in 1983, while most of the dudes were still in high school. According to Metal Archive's page on 220 Volt, the group started as the result of a goony golf mishap (check it!) The band would eventually switch to a more commercial hard rock style a few years later which brought them some success in Sweden but failed to make them a household name outside the region. This little EP is a rocking hen's tooth of Scandi-youthfulness and vigor. If you can't find anything to like in it then you are probably dead.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Either you know it or you don't. If you do, fine. If you don't, you better.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Kataxu were a Polish Black Metal band. Though often lumped in with the NSBM scene, they had more of an esoteric slant to their cold misanthropic art. Kataxu weren't afraid to slather their sound in huge washes of hokey keys and distant guitars. Tremendous and expansive while also being grainy and nostalgic. Roots Thunder is one of the most coveted tapes in my collection.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DJ Chaos X

Another Eye (Boredomes, Hanatarash, Naked City) incarnation. This being Eye injecting his manic styles into the medium of turntables. Lots of weird manipulations of classic punk albums, sound effects records, and whatever else he felt like throwing into his "hyperhard mix." By now you figured that The Hearse loves everything Eye does, and this is no exception.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Love Songs

I'm starting to think the Netherlands was doing Death Metal as good as the Swedes or the Floridians in the early '90s. Asphyx and Pestilence were well-known enough, but what about the brilliant and obscure Antropomorphia? If you have never had the pleasure of hearing their 1993 EP, Necromantic Love Songs you are in for a gory treat of pure Dutch bludgeon. On top of having great riffs and arrangements, Antropomorphia had a gem in the form of bassist, Marc Van Stiphout. Often it is his basslines that carry the song's hook. If you love the ancient Death Metal, and don't know this criminally overlooked release, prepare to fall in love.