Saturday, August 22, 2009


In August 1945 the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.
In April 1980 John Peel played this record on his radio show.


Anonymous said...

war is the inversion of raw (denim)
this stupid punk bourgeois from the clinic of the homosexualisation of the sexual revolution and the condamnation of free mind woman like an insult for these undershit fat mothers is a total misunderstood of the creativity of scorpio rising that's just an artistic creation cousin

Matt said...

The above may be the best anonymous comment this blog has ever seen.

The music is nice too!

Roger Camden said...

war is the inversion of raw (denim)
this stupid punk bourgeois from the clinic of the homosexualisation of the sexual revolution and the condamnation of free mind woman like an insult for these undershit fat mothers is a total misunderstood of the creativity of scorpio rising that's just an artistic creation cousin


good record, this one.
discovering D-beat for myself reinstilled my faith in hardcore punk.

cdg said...

good to have you back posting again aesop, i've missed the music and the amazing anonymous word salad in the comments.

Cali said...

I just posted a blog and titled The Realities Of War not 5 minutes ago, then I came here and saw this. Tre, tre bizarre.

And thanks for all the good stuff.

s. said...

What in the shit, that first comment has my mind blown to an absolute fuckin' pulp.

Aug. 1945: Bombs
Apr. 1980: Peel/Discharge
Aug. 2009: Sublime comment

From here, where can the world go?

Milla said...

HAHAAHAHHAHAHAA I just love the first comment.

"an artistic creation cousin": that's my cousin -twice removed.

Anonymous said...

Who's this band? Never heard of them

Anonymous said...

Historic punk music.

the wizard said...

Is it bad that I think DISCHARGE are overrated? Does it make me less punk? Am I horrible for thinking that 75% of the DISCHARGE ripoff acts are actually better to listen to than DISCHARGE? Is it funny that when they toured the US in 200? with that VARUKERS dude singing, my friend had to describe to the drummer what "D-Beat" is, and that indeed there was an entire genre based upon his drum beat that he invented because he couldn't really play?

awww, never mind, I'll just go read that first comment again. That's way better than asking a bunch of pointless questions.

Aesop said...

Okay, Wizard. Yes, Discharge is overrated but only because they were so fucking great, make sense. They may not have been as good as everyone says but "Hear Nothing..." remains as one of the greatest records of all time. This Dis bands that followed never really interested me because they adopted the visual aesthetic but never quite got the power and simplicity of Discharge at their best. It doesn't bother me the drummer didn't know of d beat, they never called themselves such, it'd be dumb. Hell I invented all kinds of shit that I have no idea what the kids might be calling it, shit like flim flam, green core, titpunch, and ramshackle!!! Discharge certainly merits the attention they received, unlike hack bands like The Exploited, UK Subs, and the Varukers. When it comes down to it, there were only three truly truly great UK punk bands...

Rudimentary Peni

the rest, meh.

the wizard said...

I did choose my words carefully, knowing this would be your response. While I do think that many (though certainly not all) modern Dis bands are indeed more interesting to listen to than Discharge, I would never contend that they are even marginally important in comparison. It doesn't really matter how well you ape are still merely trying to channel something that has already been done (and probably better).
It doesn't bother me in the least about the drummer either, I just found it amusing that there are thousands of kids trying to recreate something he had done totally on accident, and out of necessity.
And as for the shit you invented? Well, that was really just you trying to figure out how Frank Beard might sound were he blessed with a chance to play for a high as shit pop punk band, or some grey met'lers, right?

No arguments on your UK Top 3 tough...but "Death Church" is still better than "Cacophony."

Aesop said...

Well stated, Wizard. Yes, Frank Beard high, pretty much my whle trip right there. Still waiting for someone to start Discocharge.

That's what she said...

Discharge were never as good as their covers if you ask me. Great aesthetic, lackluster tunes execution.

I agree the Peni smokes most any other punk band from the British isles or elsewise, though. (As does Frank Beard but that's obvious.) Aside from them, my favorite UK punk bands were Cock Sparrer and the 4-Skins.

the wizard said...

you might be the only person on earth who lists their three favorite UK bands as: COCK SPARRER, RUDIMENTARY PENI, 4 SKINS.

That's what she said...

I'm an old man, never forget. You don't get like this overnight.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Discharge ei leiki.

Ray Charles said...

If we´re gonna stay to facts,Buzzcocks, the god fathers of pop punk, was also the inventors of d-beat and the classical Discharge chord structure.

You want proof? Ok, listen to Tear Me Up on the first Buzzcocks LP from 1977:

With that said Discharge rule.

ido said...

Aesop: if we are talking punk bands from the UK, where would you place AMEBIX? To my ears and eyes, their music and visual art was the crystallization of a dark and deep aesthetic. Listening to NO SANCTUARY or ARISE! is like the unfolding of a narrative where a shattered individual psyche and the collective diseased society are but one and the same.

The only other band from England I really love is RUDIMENTARY PENI. I do appreciate DISCHARGE, but usually end up listening to GLOOM instead.

Aesop said...

Looooove Amebix, but I think they fit in a category their own along with Antisect. Gloom always seemed more like Doom than Discharge. Japanese ape bands always have to have a reference point thus...


Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the wizard guy.....4 skins are pretty great. Is it fair to group 'em with discharge? Monotonous wall of poorly articulated anger, boots marching nowhere punks born again and again and again....
oh yeah, thank you.

Anonymous said...

to the guy who listed Cocksparrer as one of the best english bands..

they were emo oi..EmOi!

those "because youre young" and "where are they now" lyrics are all emo for oi!'s

and the way he sings on them is all sappy and whatever that word is where you think about when you were all young and innocent

introspective oi

UK82 said...

Aesop makes some good picks

OK, Discharge and ESPECIALLY this EP.

It's Stoke on Trent, 1980. Punk is now a gumby cult. It's NOT COOL, its ignored by the mainstream media in the UK, until Bushell pushes Oi as a concept (he hated Discharge) and even that is piece of cynical journalism.

If you are not 40 odd and British you probably don't get it, but, try this... they are as weird as 4 black guys from Washington DC speeding punk up to absurdity... (or a truck driver from Memphis, or 4 working class lads from Liverpoll writing their own songs ..i digress)

Stoke is even a less music city than that! It's one of the many large towns/small cities that cover the Midlands of England. I know, my folks come from Stoke. Famous for ceramics and pottery. (hence Clay records, get it? haha)

Mike "Clay" Stone endes up in Stoke..why? I don't know. Legend is he sees Discharge, thinks they have no musical abilty, but likes their energy, and records them, to become the first release on Clay records.

There are two "Mike Stones" this one, Lurkers helper, photographer, worked for Beggars Banquet, sets up Clay records. etc.

the other Mike Stone?

Mike Stone (1951 – 2002) was an English recording engineer and record producer.[1]

Stone was best known for his seminal work with Queen (multiple albums),[2] Blue Öyster Cult, Foreigner, Journey (multiple albums),[2] KISS,[2] Daniel Amos,[2] Lou Reed,[2] Whitesnake,[2] and others.[2] Stone also sang a lead vocal line in the song "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" on the Queen album A Day at the Races."

Mike Stone (a.k.a. Mike "Clay" Stone) (1951 – May 2002) was an English recording engineer and record producer.

Stone was best known for his work with America, Asia, Blue Öyster Cult, George Carlin, Daniel Amos, Foreigner, Journey, KISS, Queen, REO Speedwagon, Lou Reed, Frank Zappa and others. He also ran an independent record label Clay Records in the late 70s and early 80s, and worked on the production of some of that label's releases. Stone also provided backing vocals on the Queen song "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy" on the A Day At The Races album.


My jaw dropped when I found this one. Right, play this again. Recorded in 3 hours sure, by a guy who knows a studio, to his eternal credit, this is "just right" He makes a good clear recording of them. Like the photo on the front of the first Ramones LP, just make sure it's in focus and you got it.

listen to it again (BTW,the 2007 castle CD re-issues sound really good)

It's weird, maybe Cal picked up an unloved copy of the Germs GI and took it from there.(note US punk was considered a joke in the UK back then,apart from the Dead Kennedys)

It's NOT sped up rock and roll. The big change is Cal.
"When Cal joined, all previous songs were scrapped and they began to work on new material, the lyrics of which were written by Cal himself." That's what shouting in Stoke accent sounds like.

And, i wish they did more stuff in this vein, fuck, some of this sounds like sped up Can fronted by Darby Crash... LISTEN TO IT AGAIN and think that. Wish more HC drummers used the toms like this. or played like this.
Later they get dull and repetitive drummers. Note how much straighter the drumming gets after Tez...
This is art-brut, or a field recording of some old blues guy. I think everything after this is eventually heading to metal...which was big thing "oop north".
But this is peerless. literally. Please find me an earlier UK record with this sound. (or is that the hand of mr Stone again?)

Though I do think Mike Stone had a laugh, 'cos without the lyric sheet, all I could really make out (note how it drifts out of the mix) is

"There ís no real music
and I'm just shoutin' and screamin'"

7 Inch punk has an ultra raw Discharge bootleg up

UK82 said...


Realities of War

War is a black hole to avoid
The realities of war are so disturbing
The declare it but they don't hear
The cries of fear

War is a black hole to avoid

Mutilated corpses and charcoal flesh
Litter the battlefields
But their dead bodies
Are not to be found

War is a black hole to avoid

They Declare It

They have the right what fuckin' right?
To say I must fight in their fuckin' wars

They declare it!

Why should I fight in their fuckin' wars?
When they don't consult my views of war?
They declare it!

Why should I fight in their fuckin' wars?
Why should I do their killing and be killed?

They declare it!

It's nothing to them if I were dead or alive
All they want is death or glory

They declare it!

They! They! They declare it!
They! They! They declare it!
They! They! They declare it!
They! They! They declare it!
War! War! War!

But After the Gig

Leather and sweat fills the atmosphere
Stretchin' and drippin' just to pogo too
The anarchy show they shout it out

There ís no real music
and I'm just shoutin' and screamin'
But that ís a response to an anarchist meeting

But after the gig is back to obeying
their every say
Back to being those poor lambs
led to the fuckin' slaughter

You think that this is a turn of phrase
Realism is what we're preachin
Are you really so afraid?

Society's Victim

I'm just the person you all despise
It's only the filth that wanna know my name

I'm society's victim

Nobody has to get you to buy it now
That's your concern and I don't vote

I'm society's victim

I'm just the subject of discussion now
The one no-one admires

I'm society's victim

I'm not just sufferin' from paranoia
It's invented by you and them

I'm society's victim

Andy Rampage said...


Anonymous said...

i think one of the guys from elu of the 9 was in a dis band called disneyland at one point. i still have that tape floating around here somewhere... they had to be 15 when they put that out...