Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stylish God

Tepid and loping rockabilly from 1965 made utterly fascinating by the big booming lesbian voice of sixteen-year-old Isabel Baker, as she sings of blood and hell with as much conviction as Jeff Becerra. She digs God, and can't wait to die so she can meet him. Very little information exists on this pious platter, but it has been repressed as a CD and has appeared on many blogs before. Get some Jesus on you with this weird record.


Anonymous said...

I think track 4 is dead. Thanks, tho.

Megalomania reigns supreme said...

I like Isabel's style. Kinda bummed out to hear she's a lesbian but FUCK IT. Also looking forward to hearing this record.

Horny the Clown said...

Lesbians are gay.

Anonymous said...