Sunday, December 5, 2010

Plug In Jesus

This absolute classic of hardcore is long gone, and shoud not be forgotten. One of the things that set Dr. Know ahead of the pack was Kyle Toucher's Celtic Frost guitar tone, his sneering vocals and disdain for religion, this also helped make them one of the hardcore bands that was accepted amongst the metal set. This is one of the rare "nardcore" records that still holds up after all these years. Absolutely mandatory.


Anthony said...

Thnx Ace! This reminds me of HS! <3

Anonymous said...

And VERY distinctive vocals that put them ahead of many bands. Some Sabbath overtones never hurts either.

Jason said...

mediafire link having issues....

philbrick said...

Best punk band with one of the worst singers! I say that with love. Bought this lp with the burn 7" that came with it on ebay in 2000 and the kid never sent it.....until a year later! There still is hope and goodness in the world after all (I thought AFTER I received it). Even this island earth is good, you know the record where they covered false confession. Long live Kyle Toucher!

Mark McCormick said...

great album! a regular in the rotation. mandatory, indeed!

Dave G said...

Ha picked this up last month from Amoeba in San Fran when I was on vacation. I have been spinning this one almost everyday since.

Satanic Büttplug said...


Anonymous said...

Love them and their music.
Salute! from Maumee!

Chet the Medicine said...

have always wanted to check these guys out. now i have. thank you Cosmic are like that really cool guy that sits outside the convenience store buying forties for the kids.

for the fucking kids, man.

Wizard Aura said...

Fuck yeah Oxnard

Carm said...

I remember hearing Slayer's Mr. Freeze cover years ago, but never gotten around to finding out about who did the original. I didn't realize Dr. Know did it until you posted it! Thanks!

harry lime said...

yep also jumped on borad because i knew slayers version - this whole thing is awesome , anything else by them any of you can recommend ?

Anonymous said...

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Devil Dick said...

10 ten HC of all time!

Defunción Sistemática said...

Thanks man, great band from California. Greetings from Defunción Sistemática

Exnardus said...

As an unfortunate (former) Oxnard teen, nice to see Dr. Know get some love. Also, thanks for noting the Celtic Frostiness of the guitar tone - whenever I make that comparison people look at me like I'm crazy.