Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mantronix The Blog Post

I think it's time we all snort a fat rail of outmoded electro-funk hippity hop from DJ Kurtis and MC Tee working together under the moniker Mantronix. Mantronix didn't fuck with sampling or turntables, their dope was pure uncut synth, archaic drum machines and vocoders. Yes, it's dated and corny but ultimately a good fucking time. Loosen up.


Tyrantosaurus Hex said...

This is a cool upload

GRK. said...

Yeah, great to see this squelchy stuff at the front of the Hearse.

The Typing Monkey said...

This shit is crucial. Thanks for posting. It made me dig up Cybotron's "Clear" and recall my first job, washing dishes at a bakery in a bullshit town called Tacoma. The radio only tuned in two A.M. stations and one was all news. One of the easiest decisions of my life.