Monday, August 15, 2011

Comin' On!

Dizzy Reece may not be the biggest name in the Blue Note pantheon, perhaps because he only cut four sessions for the label between 1958 and 1960, but the work he did speaks for itself. Of those four records Comin' On! stands out as the pinnacle. Stellar performances by such greats as Art Blakey, Al Harewood, Stanley Turrentine, and Duke Jordan help elevate the record beyond standard hard bop. Reece's playing is sharp and spot on but at times a bit generic. Nevertheless, Comin' On! is an underrated slab of quality jazz.


Andreas said...

Well, as it seems comments are few and far between here although you stress them, I guess it's time at least for me to pipe up. You've been worth a read for quite some time now on my desk. Thumbs up. You have a good ear for the not so obvious.

JP said...

I listen to a ton of jazz, but never paid much attention to Dizzy Reece. This is great stuff -- thanks for posting.

scarfish69 said...

Yeah, like Andreas above, that's one of the things I appreciate about this blog, the not so obvious stuff you post. Thanks for this.