Monday, November 7, 2011

The Day Z-Trip Met Radar

In the '90s the ambitious Future Primitive Sound organization set out to pair DJs of note with one another for live performances that would eventually be pressed into limited number CDs. There were only two sessions documented: one matching Cut Chemist with Shortkut and this one that combines the turntable treachery of Z-Trip and Radar. Sad that this brilliant concept yielded just two discs, but damn they are fine listening. And while Cut Chemist and Shortkut are by far superior in skill, Z-Trip and Radar's session is infinitely more enjoyable. The two skilled DJs cut, mix, and match a number of classic records, some of which may surprise and titillate your tired ears.


Darryl Whalen said...

Thanks so much for the variety of stuff on your blog; especially so the stuff i do not know much about.
I recall the big thing that the turntable folk were doing 15 years ago (is that about right?), though never knew much about it.
This was really cool and it was neat hearing so much stuff i was familiar with.
Wonder if there has ever been a turntable artist that used a bunch of grind-core and black metal, or even more know heavy metal/hard rock samples in their arrangements?

Silky Bravado said...


Silky Bravado said...

Word up!

Korla said...

Thanks for this.