Saturday, February 11, 2012


Duuuude. Here's some home-grown Swedish progressive hard rock from a band called Pyramid. Most notably, Pyramid was the first working band of future Silver Mountain frontman Christer Mentzer. First Stone is a solid (if not a bit goofy) album that kind of reminds me of Uriah Heep with a horn section, Mentzer is a ringer for David Byron. This is by no means Demons and Wizards, and Pyramid venture into some really cornball territory at times, but that doesn't ruin it for me. This is an excellent summertime wizard bong album, or even a snowed in wizard bong album if you desire.


ido said...

that wizard bong gets quite a work out.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, great vinter music. No angry and fast punk rock, death metal, grind or even doomy sludge metal. Just some 70s prog rock.

GRK. said...

Interested. Do like Silver Mountain a lot. Ta.