Thursday, September 13, 2012


Iscariot were a gaggle of Heavy Metal hopefuls from Portland, Oregon. A bullshit town known mostly for  craft beer and rain. In 1985 the band cranked out one cassette demo and it's not bad, not bad at all. Traditional Heavy Metal is served here with tinges of classic Doom. Dragons, kings, and demons provide lyrical inspiration and keep the proceedings fairly orthodox in the approach. I have asked a few Portlanders I know if they have any info on Iscariot, what became of them?  But, alas, the info is as scarce as the eye teeth of a unicorn.


Darryl Whalen said...

1985, huh? - i like it

welcome back. if i told you i clicked on your site every day for the last 3 month, would you think i was crazy?
i don't care. i never gave up, dammitttttt!!!!!

Silky Bravado said...

I live next to that bullshit town and love this gem of an opportunity.

Dennis Dread said...

You never asked your pal Mr. Dread. Iscariot were old friends with another great Portland band called Xinr. They used to party together and this demo was recorded at Underground Sound by Dean Cole who also recorded the Xinr songs that I just released on vinyl for the first time ever (shameless plug). Xinr and Iscariot played at least one gig together at Pine Street in 1984. Guitarist Mark Laskowski is also a former member of another solid Portland band from the early 80's called Crysys (see last year's Halloween mix tape...another shameless plug!) and recorded the song My Desire with them on an obscure Portland radio station sampler called The KGON Album. He has tenuous connections to the US Metal scene here and played with Dr. Mastermind but to my knowledge never recorded with them. Later he formed a not-so-great band called The Hell Candidates. That's a start...

Aesop said...

Thanks, Double D. Hope that Halloween mix is underway.

rose city bovver boi said...

A Cosmic Hearse spoof:
"...bullshit town San Francisco, where every metal band after the 90s sounds like Ved Buens Ende by way of the Champs (tequila)..."
Timbers Barmy Army

dustinswanson said...

I love how every town is a bullshit town. Keep that up. HILARIOUS

Carm said...

I'm still patiently waiting for bullshit town descriptions for: