Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Reeks?

Let's party with this one today, alright? Again this is a case of "if you don't know it, you should." Carcass Reek of Putrefaction. Damn, I should have gone and seen them. Anybody happen to get me one of those crazy cool tour 2008 shirts? Oh you did? Cool. Mail that shit soon, people are tired of looking at my gelatinous pale torso, it's grosser than this cover.


Nickthrone said...

this one is classic. the next 2 are even better

Anonymous said...

These chums fall into the same category as fellow Brits Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower to my ears. The second album was where things really congealed into brilliant songs with a stronger identity. However the first albums are undeniable classics because of how groundbreaking they were even if youthful exuberance resulted in a bit too much over-the-top unrestrained chaos and their chops weren't fully there yet.

The production on this album never bothered me, I just always found SoS to be such a face melter of an album that the rest of their discography stands in its shadow. Conversely BT and ND were able to traverse numerous highs and lows over their careers and their sophomore albums, while amazing, don't

Toxik Boys said...

brutal post jeje

nano247 said...

a classic album that is imo a cornerstone to an entire genre that was to follow recieve onlt 2 comments, yet a douche like
Andrew 'Dice' Clay get 31

ppl are wierd, but thats cool

i still love this despite the crappy production, but then again i feel that some music sounds better with a 'recorded in my parenets basement' mix

cant wait for the Metalween show

Aesop said...

nano, to be fair, I think this gets less response because less people are hearing it for the first time.

nano247 said...

good point

Anonymous said...

Didn't catch the reunion, but did see them a few times during their original run. I've been hooked ever since I heard their track on the Grindcrusher comp I bought back in 1986.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this... it's a strange one. the production, though you could just categorize it as muffled and bassy, really varies a lot within these uh.. parameters (right word?)... the volume goes up and down, the guitar tone seems to vary between tracks, going from fuzzy to chunky to kind of high-pitched, and the left/right channel thing seems to be a bit wonky too. and it really helps, overall. I would have found it hard to sit through this without all these eccentricities.

Plus, this is the only Carcass material I really like. I found the stuff "Necroticism" really dragged-out and overlong and repetitive, even though they had a bunch of catchy riffs in there. "Symphonies" is good, but is still a progression towards the "Necroticism" sound that I find problematic. Heartwork.... eh. Don't get it at all.