Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunset Blaze

Sunset Blaze were another hopeful young NWOBHM band that never released anything other than this four song 1983 demo. Nothing that is going to profoundly change your life, but still some great no-frills working class bloke-rock from these unsung pub-loyal lobsterbacks.


Anonymous said...

oy, neat! this is the one with "bats in the belfry", right? I really like this sort of unassuming rock-metal.

Aesop said...

Yeah, that's the band. Unassuming is correct, un-alot of things, really.

Anonymous said...

I always secretly hope I'll stumble upon some forgotten NWOBHM relic that hits me as hard as the first Angel Witch and Iron Maiden albums did. So far it has yet to happen although the first Satan album Court in the Act came pretty damn close.

Still nearly all NWOBHM has its charms and like you say, this fits in snugly with the majority of the genre. Nothing that will set your ass on fire but by no means shoddy.