Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Burmese Is Dead

By now you know of my love for the pummeling San Francisco band Burmese, so here's their very hard to find debut Burmese Is Dead. You get a number of snarkily titled Burmese originals and a few covers of material by D.R.I. and The Misfits, showing this band's well documented reverence for the ol' '80s hardcore.


TMM said...

How much more Burmese is there??????

Moose said...

Thanks for this it's the only burmese i didn't already have!

Leaving today to drive from New York to Florida to Cali I'll make sure to listen to this when i hit unholy traffic in DC.

RyGar said...

I like to get ripped, sit right in front of the speakers, and blast this is at eleven. So much bass it makes my taint tingle. So in that sense, I have had intimate affairs with this album. Just don't tell my girl.

Christian said...

Damn, I was all hyped ... then ... the only Burmese I don't physically own (well aside from the new 10" pic disc) ... but this is the same as the mp3 file I've had for ages ... alphebetical order ... not numbered ... it drives my obsessive tune nature round the fuckin' bend!! Any idea on the actual running order of these songs Aesop? Would be a huge help ... thanx in advance ...

Also amazing place here man ... been hittin it for awhile now ... other than LLN stuff haven't really downed anything ... or made a comment ... but I'm a fuckwit ... so ya know ... anyhow most interesting blog out there man ... always shit I've never heard of ... a true original ... kudos!

Aesop said...

Sorry, Christian, this is what I got. And you're not a fuckwit, you are a man of taste and distinction and I appreciate your kind words.

Aesop said...

TMM, Burmese releases I know of...

Burmese is Dead CD

Monkeys Tear Man to Shreds Man Never Forgives Ape Man Destroys Environment CD/LP

Treaties of Greed and Filth 7" EP

A mere Shadow and Reminiscence of Humanity

White CD

Burmese/Fistula split CD


Burmese/16 Bitch Pile Up split ?

Burmese/Cadaver Eyes splut CD

Burmese/Poptop split LP

Colony Collapse Disorder 10"

kerns said...

Fuck man! This shit is great...I downloaded the Monkeys Tear Man to Shreds cd...really like this band. Speaking of bands YOU love, and also to let the other readers knows, Bone Awl is playing in St. Louis, MO on June 28th at a venue TBA. Hope to see some people there, and if you're in the area, definitely try to make it out, should be a great show. Thanks for this, Aesop!

ido said...

I love this kind of music. Thanks so much for sharing.

chrisc said...

great band!Aesop,have you ever seen them live?i've read some great stories about their shows.

Aesop said...

I have seen them. My band Ludicra once played with them. Nothing really insane, they played their songs. They were great.

RagnarR said...

The Burmese/16 Bitch Pile Up split is a 7". Came out on Not Not Fun in 2006. Also, Burmese is playing this Friday (6/5) at Bay Area 51, 1667 Jerrold Ave. (@ 3rd St) SF.

Ha, my capcha says "dingly".

Anonymous said...

Hi, You want Colony Collapse Disorder!

here you go


no it's not a friggin virus.


Anonymous said...

Christian! This is the running order (and some other info):
"BURMESE IS DEAD" tracks 1-8 recorded by Bronson Karaff, August '98
1. Government bitch
2. Mission of myanmar
3. Revved up like a douche
4. America
5. Corpse grinders
6. Mass grave
7. Killing an elephant
8. Red blood, china white

Track 9 recorded live first show
9. Untitled

"HARDCORE YEARS" tracks 10-16 recorded by Burmese on 4-track, October '98
10. Devilock
11. Kosovolvo
12. Couch slouch
13. Blood world soak
14. Fuck curfew war anthem
15. Punch out
16. Railway of death

All songs by Burmese except "Devilock" by Misfits, "Couch Slouch" by D.R.I. and "Punch Out" by Pussy Galore.

Nate - drums / Mikes - basses
Produced by Bronson Karaff

Special thanks to Bronson for doing everything and Jason Pace for being our scribe

Anonymous said...

Damn...haven't heard this beast since I stumbled across it at the Iowa City Public Library many many moons ago! Thanks for re-animating it.