Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So What?

The furious Japanese punkers of So What had huge hair and spikey leathers, much like the skeleton demon with awesome abs portrayed on the cover of their second of two great ep's, Blood Wash the Dead City You can probably imagine what this is going to sound like, gruff vocals, fuzzy guitars...blah blah blah.


GRK. said...

So woah! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Before even reading your writeup of this and the labels, just looking at the cover made me think of Japan!

I'll give this a listen and see if something from Japan will ever top "Making Love with the Devil"!

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you have any of Tina Age 13's slower, doomy stuff?

for example, after about 1 minute in to this video, two of their songs are played

I'm pretty sure Johanson did some skateboard graphics for these guys recently

Zach said...

Great band. I actually saw them live in August 2009 in Tokyo. I wasn't sure what to expect as they hadn't played in around 10 years or so, but they blew me away.