Friday, May 28, 2010

Hunok vs. Ancestors Blood

This split CD pits Hungary's somber masters of atavistic ritual music, Hunok, against Finnish kvlt Pagans, Ancestors Blood. Hunok was featured not long ago on The Hearse with their hypnotic opus Gesta Hungorum, so I may be coming to this bout with a slight bias. Hunok kicks things off the piece "Vagyakozas," it is separated into two parts. The first is very reminiscent of Savage Republic, tribal rhythms and native drums accompany jangling glassy guitars. Part two sees Hunok building on the atmosphere of the first part, adding louder distorted guitars that rise into a pagan crescendo. Another strong Hunok release. Ancestors Blood hail from Finland. They sound very much like a more adept, mid-era Graveland. However, nothing they do seems very memorable. They are the kind of band that, while I can find no real fault, I can't find much to grasp onto here. They play well, the production is misty and atmospheric, but there are literally thousands of bands that could make that claim. Sorry, but Hunok totally owns this one. Ancestors Blood didn't stand a chance.


Ryan said...

Best thing you've posted in ages!

Anonymous said...

This Hunok rules too. Thank you, Aesop


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kevinass said...

third song corrupt?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the third song is dead.