Saturday, May 29, 2010


These guys are part of the super kvlt Black Twilight Circle operating out of Southern California, but Axeman, as the name implies, are Amebix worship and not a Black Metal band. Like Japan's Zoe, Axeman do little to rebuff the comparisons, hell, even some actual Amebix riffs appear on Arrive (get it? It's like Arise.) Like I said back when I posted Zoe's The Last Axe Beat EP, There are worse bands to emulate than Amebix.


Anonymous said...

Best Crepusculo Negro release to date, barely besting Arizmenda's "Within the Vacuum of Infinity". I can't get enough of this release, the 80s worship just bleeds through in such a headbanging way!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Axeman and a few other BTC bands are playing in SC in a couple of weeks. They should be in SF too.

- Danny B.

Doug said...

this is pretty fuckin awesome. knew it was gonna be good just from the name alone.

skullgrid said...

love it. followed the link to Zoe as well... kinda funny since parts of the Zoe remind me of the Zygote stuff... and... well, y'know... A, Z... and all that. ha. see what i did there?

anyway yeah. thanks for this :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a great release. I think NWN! is doing a vinyl?

Anonymous said...

How the heck do you get this shit? Axeman will play Portland in one weeks time with some other Blah Blah circle bands. Can't wait!

xyosefx said...

Friday June 4th at Hazmat in Oakland:


7pm sharp, 8 bucks for touring bands

Hope you'll be there, Aesop, if not I'm sure I'll at least see you at the SF show the night before, nu?

acnewinds said...

yeah these guys rule live

Aesop said...

I'm seeing them tonight

Anonymous said...

This shit sucks and sounds nothing like Amebix

Kyle said...

aesop i saw you at the hazmat show.
best fell voices show ive ever seen i recokon.
then i saw you outside filth.
the bay area is small.

Aesop said...

Kyle, I wasn't at either of those shows. Saw Axeman in SF,