Monday, June 30, 2008

Negative Approach on WFMU

Negative Approach tearing it up on WFMU in May of 2008. John Brannon sounding more vicious than ever, and the NA hate gun firing off round after round of your favorites from their catalog and a couple of covers.

The set list:

Lost Cause
Can't Tell No One
Sick of Talk
Dead Stop
Whatever I Do
Tied Down
Your Mistake
Why Be Something That You're Not
Fair Warning
Borstal Breakout (Sham 69)
Never Surrender (Blitz)
Solitary Confinement.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the NA! It amazes me every time I see John Brannon that his voice has held up for all these many years.

Unknown said...

nice one! they're tighter than ever now, I'd say.

Aesop said...

Yes, There is something about the pace and rhythm of the set that just floors me. It's an assault. And John's voice, he's more feral and pissed than ever.

Slobodan Burgher said...

hellyea i'll have some of dat. talk is dey com landan tawn soon...

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine having a shouting argument with Brannon? You wouldn't know to be scared, energized, or pissed.

Dennis Dread said...

I used to smoke weed with john Brannon every time the Laughing Hyenas played CBGB's. They usually played dopesick versions of 'Under My Thumb' (Stones) and 'I Want You Right Now' (MC5)! White Panther Party = Genius!!!!

Anonymous said...

Neg App rules of course Goin all the way back to 83..Awesome. I saw Laughing Hyenas at CBGB's in 95 or all encompassing Punk and Blues and Dope vibe all around the Lower East Side- Beautiful as always.
Mike IX-
Outlaw Order 00%
Arson Anthem