Saturday, June 7, 2008


I don't know anything about this other than the band is called Valkyrie, they play melancholy acoustic neo-classical folk in the vein of Ulver's Kveldsanger album, and it was released on cassette in a limited run of 150 copies by Harsh Brutal Cold Productions. I ripped this from my own personal copy I recieved in a trade with the label. Anyone have any more info on this one?

Oh, I am also going to use this opportunity to point out my ever expanding wishlist under the labels to the right. If you have any of these items in any format (unless specified) please hook me up.


Anonymous said...

I think they were from Columbus Ohio, and had members of Mememto Mori, including Eric Redpath, who you might remember from Davis Teen Center shows a long time ago. I think it was released around 2003?

I used to play that thing very loudly on repeat during epic RISK battles.


COOL FOOL said...

Hi Aesop.
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Do you have these?

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Aesop said...

Yes, I have both those, but thanks for all the info Mr. Fool. ANy other Space Invaders or Robots material would rule if you could find. Thanks for the links.

Unknown said...

whoa crazy. this is leila from saros' band. and matt who lives here now and plays in a band called grimwood son. they were both in memento mori in columbus, ohio. ha, i only know cuz i'm his lady. they didn't even know this came out. someone in canada put it out and i don't think leila even has a copy. there is no other format. they weren't together long. bummer. but yes, it rules. it's one of matt's favorite things he's done.

Aesop said...

Really? Okay I have to ask Leila herself about the validity of these claims. Small fucking world.

Aesop said...

Aaaahh. Kelsey called it. Leila confirms her involvement. That is amazingly cool and weird.

MattaM said...

Glad you like it. Yeah, we were all really happy with that album. As was the engineer, who did the samples and melotron stuff. Adam Smith of Dead Sea, also from Columbus. Righteous!

Aesop said...

Thanks for commenting, Matt.It's a neat little tape. Really cool to find out that I actually know someone who had a hand in this. Now I neeeeeed to hear some Grimwood Son.

L. said...

Yay, I love this kinda stuff... : )
Thanks, Aesop!!


Anonymous said...

i think this band had members of the sutek conspiracy (who were from indianapolis). if im not mistaken, valkryie had songs written in full band, electrified format. i dont know if anything was released like that though.

Kyle F. said...

Hey all - late reply but in case anyone was wondering, I released this tape. Valkyrie was 3/4 of Memento Mori from Columbus, OH. I am friends with Eric Redpath (guitar) and he gave me the go ahead to do this limited tape and I sent him copies of it. It's one of my favorite recordings. It was also released by the band as a cd-r. There was plans for Hyperrealist Records from GA were going to do it as a 12", but it never came to fruition unfortunately. Hope that helps some. -Kyle

shanholtzer said...

shit! this link is dead and I've been looking for these songs for YEARS. Any chance you could re-upload it?