Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Predatür's single from '82 is the holy grail for many collectors of NWOBHM vinyls, mainly because half the record's pressing was lost in a fire. Despite their tough name, and gratuitous use of an ümlaut, Predatür wasn't all that metal. This falls more along the lines of pub rock. "Take a Walk" is a corny blues-rock shuffle. "Seen You Here" is the better cut, an upbeat rocker that could be an Oi song if not for the vocals. Listening to this, you can understand why they were such a hit in the dingy taverns of their hometown of Woodley near Reading. Predatür is a band best listened to while drunk.

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Anonymous said...

excellent choice.
Predatür's is a band any young teenage drunk would love. stay drunk all the time.