Friday, October 21, 2011

Brutal Aggression

Here's some mega-fucking-evil death/thrash from Spain and 1989. There were about a million metal bands in the '80s calling themselves Aggressor, most were pretty aggressive as I imagine, but for my money you can't do better than these venomous Valencians. They only managed to eke out one demo, Brutal Aggression, before they aggressed no more, but damn, what a demo it is. You get some Kreator style thrashing, proto-Death Metal vocals from some guys named Captor, Animal, Pelufo, and Chapa. Also want to add that this Aggressor has perhaps one of the coolest logos of all time.


Hec_The_Wreck said...

Great stuff sounds like something that would of came out of Brazil back in the day,love these obscure bands keep them coming!

GRK. said...

Authorisation Captcha: cellular msBran

You're dead right about the logo.

Johnny UFO said...

the French Agressor is killer to!!check out "neverending destiny"!