Thursday, October 27, 2011


Sluggo were a Hardcore band from Cincinnati Ohio in the '80s. They were kind of like a sloppier (these guys were really young) Minor Threat with a lazier vocalist. Contradiction was their only release and it does everything an '80s HC 7" is supposed to. Apparently these guys got older, and went in a more metallic direction, recordings were made but never released? Anyone want to share those?


Death Breath said...

This is my bread and butter. Glad my punk band never made it. Might have been a fight, as they would have been older than us at the time. We still would've won, though.

Death Breath said...

Also, I haven't got any of there other stuff, but, if you want some HC I have a boatload...

abbottoirez said...

If you go on slsk right now, it's there. If not, tomorrow I'll med!af!re up ya a link.

abbottoirez said...

Actually, I shoved it up on megaupload instead. In the file there's the .txt with the following:

Self-released / 2000
(Band from Cincinnati, Ohio)

01. Stitch
02. Erase the Thought
03. Suburban Haven
04. Of It
05. Figure It Out
06. Contradiction
07. Up and Over
08. Too Bad
09. First Step
10. Put It Off
11. Daktari
12. Demise
13. Friends I've Made
14. What Happens Next?
15. Yourself
16. First Step
17. Summer
18. The Tower
19. Power Within
20. The Deadly Years
21. Retina/Demise

Info :
Tracks [01-08] Recorded December 1983 *
Tracks [09-14] Recorded August 1984,
Tracks [15-21] Recorded Summer 1985.

*released as the Contradiction 7" / Shag Dog. 1

Musicians :

(December 1983 Session)
Julian Bevan: Vocals, Chris Donnelly: Guitar,
Karl Meyer: Bass, Andrew Hamilton: Drums

(August, 1984)
Julian Bevan: Vocals, Chris Donnelly: Guitar,
Karl Meyer: Guitar, Pete Wegele: Bass, Eric Moreton: Drums

(Summer, 1985)
Julian Bevan: Vocals, Chris Donnelly: Guitar,
Eric Moreton: Drums, Tom Byrne: Bass

Sluggo Discography -

Anyways, I wanted to say thanks for posting Burmese a couple years ago for me to discover. They're frigging great and that cover of Couch Slouch is no joke.So, thank you. Also, thanks for the choice jazzist picks. Cheers.