Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kick Me

This self=released single by an obscure Heavy Metal band might be just the thing to cure your blues. There isn't a whole lot of information about Satin Steel coursing through the tubes of the ol' interweb, but my searching did yield this: "The only website dedicated to the '80s rock band from Erie, PA....Satin Steel." The site has plenty of information regarding the history of the band, some great photos, and even a track that didn't appear on this single, the only official Satin Steel release. The a side "Kick Me Where It Hurts" is a slunky, hooky rocker. The b side kicks it up a notch with the oddly titled "Let's Not Die." Despite releasing a great little record that got some airplay and critical acclaim, and a move to Hollywood, Satin Steel never cracked the big leagues. Seriously, bro/sis, I know shit has been getting to you lately, just sit back, pop open a brew, and let Satin Steel make it okay.

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