Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grenjar vs. Vantro

Here we have two obscure Norwegian Black Metal bands battling for the title. This is definitely a close match with both Grenjar and Vantro being very similar in style. Let's just give it to Grenjar for having a slightly weirder logo. For those who care, the title Svart Sammensvergelse translates to mean "Black Conspiracy."


Robert said...

Thanks for this. I haven't listened yet, but I've discovered some awesome stuff because of this blog. Thanks.

Robert said...

EDIT - listening to it now, I really like Grenjar's guitar sound. It's really buzzy, but clear. It goes well with the vocals.

Anonymous said...

Grenjar is the best bands to come from the kingdom Norway!
I have the CD standing in my shelf!

Listen to it or die!

Aesop said...

Do they have a full length? I have this split CD and a split 7" with Kargvint. It's cool to see Norway still has some good bm left in it.

BNTR said...

i dont know what it is about downloading a ton of fucked up black metal that i end up not being able to pronounce the names of, but you really got some good shit.

horay for buzzsaws as instruments!

Anonymous said...

According to the guitarist their discography is something like this:

Mors Atra - Demo
Taarer i Mine Saar - Demo
Naar Skogen Lokker - EP
Svart Sammensvergelse - Split CD (re-recorded tracks from Naar Skogen Lokker)
Av Eldre Kunst - Split 7" with Kargvint

Anonymous said...

You should listen to the original recordings of Grenjars part. Other vocalist whom sings much much better!!!