Monday, January 5, 2009


Rattus were one of the best-known Finnish punk bands. 1987's Stolen Life LP showed Rattus adopting a more metallic sound, perhaps why it is still on heavy rotation around the Cosmic Hearse garage. Not to mention how absolutely stellar the cover art is. I never really cared for their other stuff. So sue me.


Anonymous said...

Damn, dude. First you hit us up with some vintage punk with the Cracks comp. Then the dirty metal riffage of Autopsy. Then about face with The Nils (one of my faves from listening to the weekday midnight slot Canadian Public Radio show "Brave New Waves" in the late 80s-early 90s), then some obscure US black metal and now some classic vintage FinnPunk. You're killing us with the cultural dynamics. Yes! More killing!

The Rattus's Rajoitettu Ydinsota 7" I like, but you're excused for shrugging off their other material.

Royal Oak, MI

Roger Camden said...

The cover is pretty great.

I dug The Nils, too.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till he makes it REIGN!

Aesop said...

Jay, I lost those links. Can you zip the whole thing and upload it as one file?

Icky said...

Pushead gave me a copy of this when I first moved to Sf way back when.
This is a fucking stellar HC album, bro.

Anonymous said...



that's some real fuckign hatred and disgust put to vinyl, dude

vocalist sounds like he's despise the whole human race.

this record is cool too, but a little bit too metal for my taste.

btw i have stolen life on vinyl (brazilian pressing) and the cover art is totally different from this one you posted (your is prettier)

cheers - matt