Saturday, April 4, 2009


More Black Metal flavored lo-fi and primitive. This time it comes courtesy of Sadorass from the Lower Saxony region of Germany. Sadorass is made up of two mysterious entities known only as S and F.B. In the Chill of the Dark Forgotten Forest was the band's first demo, released in 1996. The German lyrics delve into typical Black Metal subject matter such as winter nights, swords, and hate. So amateurish and wonky, the way we like our Black Metal here at the hearse. Even better is how this band's name makes John Gossard titter like a little girl.


brandi said...

Oh, I am fucking loving this. thanks again, aesop!

Also, when the hell do I get to see you?

And also, I'm tittering like a little girl over my captcha -- infistl. If ever I am a one-person black metal band, that is going to be my moniker. INFISTL!

Terrorsathan said...

This is the fucking best terrible black metal I've ever heard. I love it.

jb said...

amazingly inept. i am a fan. the stupefying lack of rhythm coordination on the first song really floats my musical boat. and how 'bout that last song? bad midi piano never sounded so...well, bad. awesome!

Anonymous said...

sorry, but:

"Subhumans, Israel, Jews we will destroy them..." etc. etc.

I hope this idiocy isn't anyone's cup around here!!!

Aesop said...

I don't think it is. This blog is not about furthering ANY political ideology be it left or right. Usually when a band has questionable politics (ones that don't conform to my views) I try to make it known that this may be offensive to some, however, because of language barriers, sometimes ones get by. It's no reason to get your panties in a bunch, simply do not download it or support the band in any way. I might want to add that nobody makes you come to this site, download anything...I will not engage in a long DOWN UNDRGROUND debate about what I should or shouldn't post based on the opinions of one or two people.