Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Electrocution was Italy's contribution to the global Death Metal boom of the early '90s. Why isn't this bit of Bolognese brutality better known? Inside The Unreal has everything you want in a Death Metal album, crushing riffs, gruff vocals, lyrics about the inevitability of death, and a wicked cool Lovecraftian Shoggoth creature leering at you from the cover. Seriously, what gives?


Anonymous said...

Recently someone told me that this was because Italy knowed fascist caracters but I don't agree
I think this is because they are fan of Raymond Goethals, that can hide too many blood
They have the same problems than the schizophrenian identity of religious communities, they are believers !
I'm still fan of Fellini Roma

ben said...

do what?

anyway, what's up with the industrial trash (cigarette butt-looking things) in the artwork?

thanks again for more metal.

how'd you dig the nevermore (NY)?

and hopefully ludicra will come through memphis

oh yeah...dig this.
jamie sykes from burning witch in the black metal band that does rage live.

K said...

This was the first website i opened today. cuz it shits all over faceböok.

Nice. First picked this beast up on the great Lizards and beans blog.

Also recommended from there (which I have downloaded, at least) is Sororicide "the entity" full length.

-Kevin/ aka difference between ravens and crows dude. ha.

Aesop said...

Lizard and Beans is a great blog.

I highly recommend everyone going there and getting this...

it blew my mind.

Aesop said...

Oh and WTF?

Gherardo said...

About Electrocution, after this album they changed their style with a technical death metal that reminded of atheist and cynic. These songs can be found on two 7": a split with Hypocrite (swe) and an ep called "Water Mirror". Later, they changed style again towards crossover and then finally changed name. the two eps are recommended!

Anonymous said...

like I said, there is nothing to do because there is no metal but "only" nihilism
mp3 will survive

matt said...

im really digging the old-school death lately, thanks for this one!

Anonymous said...

I followed up your recommendation

And I have to say the Drakar album is one of the most extrordinary and inventive things I have heard in quite awhile. A labour of love on their part rather than a business obligation or proposition I would suggest.


Anonymous said...

ok I'll still kill labour to preserve my absolute sense of music
this is your choice
thanks to you, defenitely

Milla said...

Why isn't this bit of Bolognese brutality better known?

Because in Italy if you don't play 'normal' music and you are not Pavarotti (RIP that fat soul of his), NO ONE will support you. Which also means that it will be very difficult to have your music heard anywhere! In the 1990s there was no myspace, no blogging and no twittering, no and hardly anyone had internet and Italy was never famous for its music radios...
And I know all this 'cos I was a punk/goth/metal heads when I was growing up in Italy in the 1980s and early 1990s... it was very difficult to find 'good' music then.
I am actually quite surprised to this band revived here :)
Thanks, Aesop. You are always fll of surprises.

RagnarR said...

"Why isn't this bit of Bolognese brutality better known?" Because their brains are blasted with bong hits? Probably not true just staying with the repetition (or is it illiteration?)

Jimbo said...

fuckin sweet bra.