Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ghremdrakk are an excellent Black Metal band from Belgium who generously sent copies of this CDR demo, Sterrenpracht, to Ludicra some years back. Since then it has been released on tape by Death Triumphant and CD by GoatowaRex. Ghremdrakk sing in their native Flemish but the subject matter of their choosing is universal: Satan and death. Ghremdrakk's unholy racket, with it's use of real instruments and raw approach, brings to mind the vibe of Black Metal circa 1994, before everyone had garageband, an evil pseudonym and a myspace page. Kvlt.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why your simple black metal bands are linked with industrial music
Maybe you've to choose O malley and some minder simple stuff
Drone is not a sound for Maya l'abeille

Doug said...

this is awesome aesop. did they release anything else?

speaking of ludicra, when are you guys and gals touring again? ludicra needs to play in johnson city. if wolves in the throne room did it so can you! they had a good turnout, people aren't as opposed to black metal in the south as you might think!

Aesop said...

Ghremdrakk has released another album, though I haven't heard it. Ludicra will be on tour from Augus 3rd. Here are the dates:
08/04, Saint Paul MN @ Turf Club
08/05, Chicago IL @ Cobra Lounge
08/07, Cleveland OH @ Peabody's
08/08, Hamilton ON (Canada) @ Casbah Lounge 08/09, Boston MASS @ Middle East
08/10, Providence RI @ AS220
08/11, New York, NY @ Santos
08/12, Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's
08/13, Washington DC @ DC9
08/14, Baltimore MD @ Talking Head Club
08/15, Columbus OH @ Ravarjon Sunday clear

ben said...

nice to see another TN person with an appreciation of the metal!

Doug said...

dammit, nowhere close to me that i could make the drive to...anything coming up after the 15th?

and ben, whereabout in tennessee are you?

markko said...

león del metal rules

Anonymous said...

ghremdrakk have 2 full lengths, which I found here:

i have only downloaded je m'exalte, it's elegaic, crushing, and raw but meaty like a sacrificial goat. excited to hear what the demo sounds like.


ido said...

Just by the cover I know that this will be tons of fun. Thank you so much for posting these things.

And LUDICRA on tour: oh fuck yeah. I'm so there for the DC show.

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

This rules so hard. thank you

dustinswanson said...

How come I can hardly find any decent black metal outside of the Hearse? seriously slim pickin's out there.

Wesley said...

The album Je m'exalte is very good...thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

did you know Ghremdrakk is making a new album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! It rulz! The vokills and warbly, repetitive guitar stuff is pretty awesome! ..uh, Satan!