Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Great Quicksilver Boy's War

Kvikksølvguttene was the short-lived band of Mayhem bassist, Necrobutcher and two members of the legendary Norwegian cult band, Vomit. The name means "Quicksilver Boys" and is a play on the name of a popular Norwegian choir called Sølvguttene (Silver Boys). The band had two releases, "Krieg" and the "Gamlem" ep (both in 1997) before breaking up. Rumor has it that the singer/guitarist, Zathan (Kittil Kittilsen), is now a born-again christian. Hmmmmm. But this ephemera regarding Kvikksølvguttene is not terribly important, nor is the disturbing image of a pantsless Somali fighter clutching a severed hand in his teeth that graces the cover of "Krieg." What is important (somewhat) is the great, primitive hate-fueled tuneage here, ten tracks of no-frills, juvenile, knuckle-dragging blackened hate that ends with the bizarre "Gamlem." Nobody will ever accuse Kvikksølvguttene of being "pioneers" or "geniuses", but really...who fucking cares?


Anonymous said...

Oh, a GREAT one! THANK YOU :-) ...and congrats with a WONDERFUL blog!

Frost666Domain said...

Never heard about this band
Sounds good in myspace
Thanx for the upload

Daniel said...

Ha,ha looks like a Nigel Peppercock record cover.

Gigamagnetic destruction feast said...

Grabbing this winner two years on the day after it was posted. Thanks!