Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tribute To The Supreme Beast

Levifer is a guy, not a band. He happens to be the guitarist for the fairly well-known Peruvian black metal band, Goat Semen. His name is a clever amalgam of the names "Leviathan" and "Lucifer," I guess Levifer is twice as evil as the average archdevil. "Tribute to the Supreme Beast" was Levifer's 2000 demo and was released as a tape, and later as a picture disc. Despite Levifer's fondness for wearing corpsepaint, the music is more akin to ancient death metal and thrash than European black metal. The lyrics are the usual sucking up to Satan affair.This demo, while not mind-blowing, still crushes. I would gladly take Levifer over a thousand kiddie retro-thrash bands any day.


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Funeralmoth said...

Music is great, unfortunately this gay lord is kinda more of an red-fingered instrument of the "Levi" side than the left hand dagger of the Ooziferian path - therefore is one of the BIGGEST rip off-assholes not only in the country of Peru but the whole of South America. Order at your own risk and anger at "Devil's Art Productions"...
This, too, is the reason why no GoatSemen tour is happening in Germany I'd say....

A tribute to the supremacy of Mammon
and Usura. Then Black Metal.