Friday, December 14, 2007


Verivala (Finnish for "blood stream") is a sickening black metal band with strong crust-punk leanings. So far, "Voittomme" is Verivala's only full length album, but the band has released an ep and a few splits with lesser bands. The CD edition of "Voittomme" was released by the fucking amazing (sadly, now defunct) Autistiartili Records in 2004, limited to 500 handnumbered copies. A limited gatefold LP version was released by World Terror Committee Productions. Verivala is not a band that should be over-intellectualized or pondered. If you like filthy blackened punk crust hell just go here:


Anonymous said...

Verivala is Finnish for "Blood oath", actually. (I should know, I'm Finnish.) Killer blog btw!

nothingwheel said...

i am in fucking love with this. thanks!

ido said...

Dude, this FUCKING RIPS!!!! Really love this type of crust laden black metal. Raw.