Friday, December 11, 2009


Nibiru is the name of this one-man project from San Diego. Nibiru mastermind, Nocturnal Overlord, was a founding member of the longstanding and highly respected kult Black Metal band, Crimson Moon. This CD demo from 2004 was given to me when I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the Overlord himself during Ludicra's stop in San Diego. Nibiru plays a sort of esoteric, keyboard driven brand of cosmic Black Metal. This demo is quite engaging, almost relaxing in a strange way.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty damn awesome, and "almost relaxing in a strange way" is exactly right. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Back when I was 17, I used to sleep to Deicide's Legion on full volume.

My wife would kill me if I tried that now.

Still, depression was just never as fun as it was in the 90's.

TMM said...

I liked the 1st Crimson Moon CD but didn't care for the 2nd one. This is worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

papyrus = kvltest font ever

ido said...

@PKVZL: Papyrus is the official font for my work's logo. No joke. But we are not very kvlt.

Aesop, I'll give this a listen, although I tend to dislike the more keyboard based black metal. Have been listening to a ton of early DARKTHRONE lately, along with some of the Hearse's offerings.

Cocuyo said...

esta chingon

Anonymous said...

Annie I have listened to this about 20 times or more.

Really Excellent Thankyou