Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amon Sul

Ready for some Black Metal weirdness from France? This is Amon Sul, a bizarre trio from Calais. They seem to be going for an Immortal sound on this 1995 tape, Goat Mit Uns, but are foiled by an obvious drum machine, fuzzy guitars, and odd keyboard flourishes. The results are mesmerizing. Things got confusing when the member 'Apostle of Despair' left Amon Sul and formed Vucub Came, who also released a demo called Goat Mit Uns with some of this same material on it. Amon Sul is supposedly active, but haven't recorded in over fifteen years. Shame really, with a run time of fourteen minutes Goat Mit Uns leaves me wanting more.


ido said...

I'm always ready for some more Black Metal outsider weirdness from France. Thanks.

Delbert Goatroper said...

Love the Frenchy black metal. Sorry Norway.

Anonymous said...

amazing! thanks again, Aesop.

- max

dustinswanson said...

isn't that the cover to Wold's Badb?

GRK. said...

That artwork's a well-known tarot card. It's inevitable that more than one BM band would use it for their demo cover.

Anonymous said...

Ha, this demo fuckin' rules - I remember getting this from a distro when it first came out and listening to it for a weeks on it's own.

Anonymous said...

Hail Brothers!
I'm pretty surprised to find some maniacs interested by our old works.
I can give you some precisions about Amon Sul's past and present. It's easy to explain the long silence between our 1995's release and now, cause we split in 1997, leaving our second demo unfinished.
I've tried to reform Amon Sul but lost contact with the 2 others members, and finally decided to use material written for amon sul under the banner of Vucub Came, formed in 2002 with a real drummer. We released two demos under this name, vomito negro & goat mit uns, recorded in 2004 & 2006. A 3rd demo, recorded in 2006 (the same session as Goat mit uns), will be released... when we'll finish the recordings (vocals and some rythm guitars need to be redone). But it's hard to find time for it.
Now, let's talk about Amon Sul. In 2007, 10 years after Amon Sul's split, I've encountered my old friend Amnet, we decided to reform Amon Sul. The problem was that Vucub Came was already Amon Sul's material under another shape. We decided the new Amon Sul will be very different, more "heroic" kind of metal, leaving the satanic and weird side of the early Amon Sul to Vucub Came.
So, were're working from time to time on a demo, musically, it's a mix between Bathory's Hammerheart, early Iron Maiden, or Burzum/Darkthrone "transylvanian hunger" era. Not sure you'll be interested.
I'm also working on another project, very heavy, doomy and horrific.
I'm hoping these 3 different bands will release their demo in early 2011.
Thanks for your interest,
Ad Ultimum!
Partes Secanto

Aesop said...

Thanks for the info and for taking the time. Look forward to hearing whatever you are working on.