Friday, September 10, 2010

Miss Brukarna

Swedish punkers Missbrukarna's clever snark transcends the language barrier and this tape from 1983 gives you seventeen great, to-the-point songs in just over eighteen minutes. In my opinion, Krigets Gentleman is one of the finest Swedish hardcore releases. Kind of a shame this hasn't seen a proper release. Missbrukarna hailed from the bullshit town of Hudiksvall, a sleepy burg whose main attraction is the Stormbergmasten, a really tall television antennae, but if we've learned anything about Sweden from this blog, young folk from these boring towns produced some of the most compelling music ever made. Not sure I understand the presence of the odd pop song out, "Vi Blev Radd" but it can't hinder the power of this little pink tape. Some of you still may think that Swedish hardcore is the sound of punk to come, but it is not. Swedish hardcore is war.



Ive been trying to track this one down for years!! I think this might be a first on any blog actually!!!
Thanks again!!!

Aesop said...

I have seen it on some before but usually missing tracks. I think this is the entire tape and it rules.

GRK. said...


cooking lager said...

I'll enjoy this with some Red Seal the best beer ever. It is made in your neck of the woods Aesop. Fort Bragg, Mendocino county by North Coast brewing company. I went over to assfucksburg yesterday and found some Sol and Red Seal! Like Jim said "I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer."

Kuken said...

Yeah, stuff rules, they also released a equally great split 7" with a band called Panik, check it out here:
and the cassette mentioned:
and here´s some Discography-type-thing,prob a bootleg:
"Hudiksvall 1980-1983 Discography"
And some Live stuff:
"Live Köpmanberget 1981"
"Live Forsa Studio 1987"
Enjoy folks!

Anonymous said...

Missbrukarna & Panik (Split 7" 1980)

the ballad of Megan Leigh said...

I listened to Teenaqe Queers-Swastikas for Christ right after the Missbrukarna and it was enjoyment.

ido said...

Thanks a lot for this. Kuken, thanks for those other links.

daniel said...

this rules! i have the tape, and there´s 17 tracks listed, so this is old band bruce banner did a missbrukarna cover.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this one! ive heard so much about it but never got a chance to hear it until now!
PS: this blog rules! hahaha reading the stuff here has cured countless of boredom.

Slobodan Burgher said...

This is the definition of Swedish HC.