Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Blues and the Abstract Truth

Before we delve any deeper into this Jazz classic, let's get a gander at the cast of characters, the pantheon of absolute bop deities that "star" rather than simply play. Yes, this was the pinnacle of super group and all under the guidance and leadership of Oliver Nelson. So is it as good as one would expect? Absolutely, maybe even better.


Rawky Roze said...

Hell yes Aesop, a truly masterful work.

Amazing how Nelson managed to speak so audibly through such a heavy-weight unit.

These arrangements shook the foundations of jazz and pushed the limitations of bop. Excellent choice.

The Joshua Field said...

Such a great great great record.


Thanks, Ace. Sublime!

Dutchblaster said...

It's long overdue that I thank you for this and all the other great music you've made available to me. Good lookin out.

Anonymous said...

if you like bill evans's playing you should check out "everybody digs bill evans". the drummer on that recording, philly joe jones, is great!

have a good trip with agalloch!